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Woot!! I have my own team! isn't it so cool? it's a GFX team you can join as you like all the info you need is there!! It is located in the forum in the anything else section!!!

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So My Internet Is Back U Know What This Means Right I Get To Annoy U For $50 Bucks Nah Just Joking What It Seriously Means Is That Were Or Am Putin Up New Stuff! Yay! And Am Also Checking Up For New Admins And Mods...Well That's All I Also See Some New Members (Yes!!! :) ) .....<_< I Am Watching You....

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Ok So u can see the new updates that girl banner is got to go JYD is making me a new one i updated all the images all over again i made a new chat box the other one was getting messed up..And also Reminds me that JYD made a new forum Here's The Link www.mugeninvasion.forumotion.net.forum.htmand so yeah.....Alo Out..

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The members are slowly increasing Thanks to all members also for advertising slowly And this is all i have for now..

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We got lots of updates this might be the last update in a very long time next i won't close the site I'll leave it open when i get new ideas, So Be Active Also We Got New Members ^_^.
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Ok the site is ready everything is done except two things some of the forum images and the banner that would be easy since it's only GFX anyways i will be advertising a little happy nah am just kidding anyways read the rules so you won't get in trouble no seriously read them anyways Alo Out.

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Okay....so far so good the site is going to be one of the best you can count on it! or me some of my friends are helping me out so it would grow even bigger! count on it! or else dry we will have the file catalog soon too but first i got to finish the other products you can thank JYD for the marquee his website is Mugeninvasion make your to register there too! he's site is way fancier than mines.....

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Welcome An Greetings This Is My Mugen Site "Darkmugensalo" The New One...

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